We have designed and developed this site to inform patients about the high risk of colon cancer in North America and the medical community’s strategy for its early detection and prevention.

ColonCancerAwareness.com exists to inform, educate and communicate with patients in North America seeking medical information regarding Colon Cancer, its treatments, prevention and procedures. ColonCancerAwareness.com is run by Mark L. Hoefer, M.D. who practices in Arizona.

Supporting Colon Cancer Awareness!

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  About Open Access Endoscopy
What is Open Access Endoscopy?
Open Access Endoscopy is defined as the performance of endoscopic procedures requested by referring physicians without a prior full gastrointestinal specialty consult. Open Access Endoscopy is appropriate when relatively healthy patients need a screening colonoscopy, and an office based full gastrointestinal specialty consult may not be necessary.
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